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Readers might be interested in knowing which posts which have garnered the most comments.  See also tag cloud for a sense of what people wrote about and discussed. There have been over 200 comments posted in this blog through March 8th.  (The site has also received more than 8,000 hits).

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Seeing is believing: is data visualization the low hanging fruit of energy reduction, or too good to be true? 7
Pre-fab saves the day 6
The Hypocrisy of the Developed World and Sustainability 6
So Are These New Cities Worth Anything? 6
Why do we drive smart cars but live in dumb homes? 6
On Trash 5
China’s ghost city of Ordos 5
Broader solution to slum redevelopment 5
Causality and Hierarchy 4
Can there be Sustainable Cities in the U.S. without a consideration of Rural America? 4