(Feb 15, 2013)


The posts and comments will be evaluated based on criteria including:   Does the post contribute to or advance the class understanding of  the topic?  Does the build on a situation presented in class or on the analytic skills of the course?   Does the post present a thesis and an argument?  Does the post stimulate further comment and discussion?  Is the premise clearly conveyed?    Is there original financial analysis?  Thought provoking, well argued posts will be looked upon more favorably than the re-hashing of old arguments or the simple re-telling of stories and facts about other situations or experiences lacking the connection and “so what?” link.

Paraphrasing news accounts or other third party commentary is not a good idea; this venue is not a clipping service.  Obviously you should be wary of self-plagiarizing and not re-use your own work from another course.



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