Kenya’s New Konza City – ‘Golden Goose’ or ‘White Elephant’?

By Jessica Asunugo

In January 2013, on empty savannah land 60km south of Nairobi – in an area primarily inhabited by elephants and wildebeests – Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki broke ground on the new Konza City. Konza City, also referred to as Kenya’s Silicon Valley or Silicon Savannah, is a $14bn ‘green field’ techno-city development project spanning 5,000 acres. The city aims to advance technology investment and growth, and cement Kenya’s position as Africa’s technology leader. The city will feature infrastructure to promote mixed-use commercial and residential activities. In addition to technology and science districts, the city will include a university campus, mega malls, a championship golf course, world-class hotels, a high-speed mass transport system, and 35,000 residential homes. The project is expected to be completed by 2030, and generate up to 200,000 jobs. Continue reading


Unlocking the Potential of Emerging Market Cities

By John Macomber

March 2

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Quote from McKinsey Global Institute: “A massive wave of urbanization is propelling growth across the emerging world. This urbanization wave is shifting the world’s economic balance toward the east and south at unprecedented speed and scale. It will create an over-four-billion-strong global “consumer class” by 2025, up from around one billion in 1990. And nearly two billion will be in emerging-market cities. These cities will inject nearly $25 trillion into the global economy through a combination of consumption and investment in physical capital…. Yet few business leaders focus on the importance of cities when establishing growth priorities.”

McK Center of Gravity

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